An Adventure Begins

October the 17th

My dear colleagues,

One week ago, I discovered what may very well be the greatest cache of authentic Victorian Era artifacts our small but illustrious field has yet seen.  Perhaps “discovered” is not quite accurate, so I will start from the beginning.

Upon my elderly aunt’s death, my relatives began the arduous task of going through her very large estate.  In a secluded attic corner, they found a massive trunk containing – their words – antique lady’s stuff they thought I’d like.  And indeed, I am grateful for my relatives’ slim grasp of my field of interest – Cultural History of Victorian Women, with Emphasis on Technology, Fashion and Ingenuity – for it deposited in my lap a treasure the layperson could not begin to fathom.

I will spend the coming months chronicling the items contained within: letters, telegrams, small personal items, and sundry other objects too extraordinary to even speculate on at this time.  As my work progresses, I will post frequent updates here, with careful transcriptions, photographs, and details of the artifacts, as well as any information I can glean on the origin of the collection as a whole.  I hope that these findings will shed light of the amazing times these ladies lived in, and bring their adventures to life for a new generation of women.


~The Archivist

ps. I apologize for the use of a pseudonym; however, I find it is the safest choice for me at this time, until the artifacts can be fully accounted for and moved to a secure location.


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