Weird Science

Happy New Year’s Eve, my colleagues!  Not much time to post, as I have to run off to a party soon, but I couldn’t leave without sharing a final 2010 tidbit with you.  It appears to be a page of lab notes from a Dr. Erma Melanogaster, with some interesting scientific observations as well as a few personal memos.

I do love some good science (though her note taking is a bit absentminded for my tastes.)  She appears to be researching a plant compound, and setting up greenhouses on different light cycles for continuous production.  Quite fascinating!  But even more interesting is the note in the bottom left – I can only assume the L.O.M is our Ladies of Mischief, and the “yarn for Cora” would be Coraline Hackworth – for a lace kerchief perhaps?  But now I’m craving crab cakes, so I’d best head out to my party.  A mischievous New Year to you all – and stay tuned for many more adventures in 2011!


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