Hello again colleagues!  I’ve recently found another diary in the trunk, this one from Miss Julia Sett, our crafty mathmatician.  Though the entries are sporadic, I’ve found one that appears to chronologically follow her last letter.  It seems she may have found that second set of hands to knit for her after all.

March 13th 1885
The idea of an automated knitting fabrication device has quite consumed me.  Erma brought dinner to me in my library again tonight. I keep forgetting to stop for simple things like eating, and yesterday I even worked through the night and watched the sun rise!
I do believe I am close to something though. I am using the hooked needles found on the designs by Lee and Lamb but I’ve been experimenting with a gearing mechanism by which the needles may be manipulated to create lace patterns. It’s quite exciting to think this delicate craft may be executed in an automated fashion. What a wonder to live in these times. The advances I come across daily inspire me to reach for greater and greater ideas to enrich our lives.
I do hope to have this device fully fashioned and working by the time of The Ladies symposium this year. I believe they would truly appreciate its innovation.  I am nearly finished with the gearing.  My next steps shall be to fully automate the device and set up the steam powering system.  Perhaps the boiler can generate the hot water for my tea as well!
Oh dear, clearly I must get some rest in order to think clearly. Generating the hot water for my tea indeed!

It seems that her passing jest to Alyssa really got her wheels turning, as it were.  I’ve certainly been there myself – when one is of a scholarly persuasion, inspiration can strike from the most unlikely places.  And the good Dr. Erma Melanogaster appears to have been with her;  I had a suspicion those two were close, perhaps even frequent collaborators.  Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  I will get back to the diary right away to see if there’s any truth to my speculations, as well as to see what I can learn about The Ladies symposium Miss Sett mentioned.

Best regards,

~The Archivist


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  1. xuncheng
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 05:14:59

    Well, read it.


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