A Meeting of the (Mischievous) Minds

Hello my colleagues!  So sorry I haven’t been able to post lately; things have been very busy around here and there are many exciting updates in the works!  I have both some excellent and illuminating finds from the trunk, as well as more pattern re-creations to share with you over the coming weeks.  But first, let’s start off with perhaps the most enlightening find on the Ladies Of Mischief to date, which was found intact in the trunk and carefully scanned for your perusal.  Take a look!  (Click for larger version)

I will leave you to ponder this delightful artifact, as I have had the great joy of doing this past week.  Much to do!  Though I will say, it is very exciting to have some more information on the Ladies that were previously lacking – I will update the Who Are The Ladies? summary page soon (“Ladies” link to the right… be sure to take a look if you haven’t yet, or are a newcomer to this Historical Documentation Project).  Ah, to have been a Lady Of Mischief and attend their annual symposium!  It looks as though Miss Julia Sett finished her knitting machine prototype, Dr. Erma Melanogaster got her clockwork greenhouse set up….  But there I go observing away when I said I’d leave you in peace for once!  Off I go, but stay tuned for more exciting updates over the next few weeks.


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