Unexpect Turbulence, part 3

Happy Easter Sunday to you, dearest colleagues!  Or just a happy Sunday if you’re not an Easter-celebrating type.  As you can see, I’m choosing to spend my holiday pouring over Ladies Of Mischief artifacts, so to each his (or her) own.  Today I have the exciting conclusion of Miss O’ Hare’s forced landing in Constantinople, with a drenched and shell-shocked Kristoff in tow.  Having landed successfully and secured the dirigible, Miss O’ Hare seemed have a few ideas about how to pass the remainder of the evening (nudge, wink).  Let’s find out what they might be…

“Well,” I decided out loud.  “Assuming that is Constantinople we’ve landed near, first thing on the agenda for tomorrow is buying you some other clothes.”  My voice dropped to almost a purr.  “But first thing on the agenda for tonight…”

Kristoff swallowed, staring determinedly at the wall.

“…is getting out of this damn soaked nightgown and into something warm.”  I marched out of the galley, leaving Kristoff behind with the whispering kettle and popping fire.  “I’ll look through my things for something to lend you for tonight,” I called back over my shoulder.  “I promise it won’t be a nightgown!”

I managed to just catch a glimpse of the returning blush on his face as I ducked into my cabin.  I shucked the wet nightgown as quickly as possible and put on a dry one, then wrapped myself in a dressing robe and found my previously forgotten slippers.  Digging through my wardrobe revealed a knitted cabled jumper, a pair of men’s trousers, some socks I had knitted for myself but which had turned out to be entirely too large, and a set of striped nightclothes.  I squinted at them, trying to remember why I owned such things…  Oh, yes!  My absentminded younger brother Colin had left them behind when he joined me on the dirigible for a short journey a few years back.  I had to admit to being similarly absentminded, considering I had forgotten all about the items.  No matter!  They would be put to good use now.  I added a spare dressing gown to the pile and headed back to the galley, which I found empty except for a pot of hot tea on the table and a still-steaming kettle sitting on the sideboard.  Clearly Kristoff had gone to change out of his wet clothes…  But into what, I wondered, looking down at the folded garments in my hands.  I smirked a bit and headed to his cabin.

“Kristoff?”  I knocked on the closed door and giggled inwardly to hear him curse very quietly and politely.  “I found some spare clothing in my wardrobe.  I’m assuming you find yourself rather in need of it.”

The door cracked open and Kristoff eyed me through the opening, keeping his body carefully hidden behind the bulk of the door.  “Really?  What did you find?”

I offered the small pile of clothes.  “Trousers and nightclothes that used to be my brother’s.  A jumper that I think I knit a few years back, some socks that turned out too big for me, and one of my dressing gowns.  It’s the one with lions on it, so it should be sufficiently masculine.”  I smiled at him, the picture of innocence.  “May I come in?”

“No!  No.  Thank you.”  The blush was slowly re-emerging in his cheeks.  “You can just…  Leave them outside the door and I’ll grab them when I have a moment.”  He shut the door quickly, then cracked it again just as quickly.  “Anna…  Thank you.  I do appreciate it.”  His eyes dropped from mine to the pile of clothes, and then to the neckline of my second nightgown, visible under the my untied dressing gown.  His eyes snapped back to mine with a quickness, and the blush came back full-force.  “I’ll see you in the morning.”  He shut the door again, and as I bent down to deposit the clothes outside his door I heard him mutter, “Why must she walk around half-dressed?!”  I giggled wickedly as I slipped back to the galley and poured myself a cup of tea.  “Because it’s ever so entertaining, Kristoff…” I whispered into my cup.

Oh, I’m a terrible person, I really am.  He’s just so fun to tease!  How can I resist?  No one could resist once they saw that blush.  It’s simply adorable and ever so endearing.  I presume he’ll eventually become used to seeing me in a nightgown, so if I want to continue seeing that blush I may need to resort to other tactics in the future.  Perhaps a letter to Miss Alyssa Rynne is in order?

We shall see later.  For now, diary, I am off to my warm bed while the wind blows itself out around me.  I hope Kristoff sleeps well…  It was quite an evening.

Oh, that Anna!  Our ladies sure knew how properly (or perhaps improperly) intrigue a gentleman, while still conducting themselves appropriately – a skill lost on much of the modern dating scene, it seems.  Though we have another reference to the mysterious Miss Alyssa Rynne (you’ll recall Miss Sett’s correspondence with her) and her knowledge of such “tactics”.  Hmm… I hope to find some more information on her soon!  And I’m very glad Anna and Kristoff made it through the storm and landing intact.  Perhaps further diary entries of their journey into Constantinople will turn up as well.  I’ll keep my eye out, as always.  In the meantime, stay tuned for an exciting surprise coming next week!


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