Thanks (and eye candy!)

Greetings my wonderful colleagues!  I can’t tell you how excited we all are about the incredible support you’ve shown the Ladies Of Mischief book project so far!  Thanks to you all, it’s going to be bigger and better than we ever imagined… and there’s no limit to how amazing you can make it, so get thee to the Kickstarter page and chip in for some fabulous prizes such as:

  • Tickets to the launch party
  • Signed copies of the book
  • Surprise gift baskets
  • Private tea parties
  • Pattern PDFs with exclusive yarn

And much, much more!

Speaking of exclusive yarn, I’m rewarding you today with some pictures of what we have in store for the book (the full list of dyers is right here!)  I’m so excited the cat’s out of the bag so I can finally share details with you, in addition to our usual posts from the Ladies.  So, enjoy the eye candy and stay tuned for Scent of a Lady pt 3 (with a bonus!) coming up soon.  Thank you all again so very much!


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