Meet The Ladies: Anna O’Hare

A lovely day to you all, my colleagues!  Since things are really rolling now with the Ladies of Mischief book project, I’ve decided it’s a great time for you to get to know them all a little better.  Naturally, I’ve been saving up some excellent tidbits on each of them for the book, and I’m trilled the time is finally here to share them with you!  Consider it a little preview of what’s to come, as thanks for all your outstanding support.  And if you’ve been waiting to be a part of the project, there’s just one day left to secure your one-of-a-kind prizes before they’re gone for good!  Thank you all again for your amazing contributions.

Now without further ado, let’s meet the first of our Ladies…

Anna Roisin O’ Hare

Anna is a feisty, bright and headstrong Lady, not afraid to adventure into parts unknown, land her dirigible in the middle of a storm, or curse in front of, well… everybody.  A true Jill-of-all-Trades, she’s not content unless she’s flying, fighting, knitting and tinkering her way across the globe.  And when she manages to find a quiet moment, she pens it all in glorious narrative detail for her beloved Ladies – and now us – to read and enjoy.  Believe me, you haven’t heard the half of it yet!  And one mustn’t forget her charming, semi-unwilling companion, Kristoff von Boltenstein (though I get the feeling  his reticence can only last so long…)





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