Meet The Ladies: Theodosia LaDuke

Good day my colleagues!  In continuing with our Meet The Ladies series, here’s the inside scoop on our favorite Amazonian Adventuress

Theodosia LaDuke

Miss LaDuke, or Theo as the other Ladies like to call her, is a free-spirited force of nature.  Not content to spend her life married away to a yawn of a man and following society’s stipulations, she took her money and ran… all the way to South America.  She parked her ship, trecked into the amazon, and set herself up quite nicely with the locals (and local sheep), contentedly crafting and dying fiber in her self-made paradise.  The ladies are always eager for her letters, illustrations and precious samples of her exotic discoveries.  Though I don’t doubt she’d turn that ship for home in an instant if any one of them was in need of her assistance.  And I have the feeling with a little help from Theo, there isn’t much they couldn’t do.


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