……testing… yes…hello??..

Goodness, I do believe I have this thing working…. if my studies
of the modern vernacular are accurate, it seems I have successfully “hacked” your “blog”…. such intriguing slang you are empl..–,-.–,-………..–

…–,.-,,, wanted to be sure you know that all is in readiness for the Ladies arrival at the ball this evening!… finalel,jk…alsefm,-slgoie,oseogra.pher functioning properly!  If my calculations are

correct (and they’d better be or my dear Mr. Tesla will be hearing a thing or two!) we should be arriving – if such a pedestrian term can be used under…..s,..,,.,v ircmstances – shortly after 8pm, by the local clocks.,,-.………..,-.-.–,-.– o.-nn.ection is getti;sngke;vlkra;ther shak.y ……….-,-.–,asegh,,,,,,,, se.-.e you-.all toni.ght!   ~Dr. Erm.a


An Invitation From Miss Hackworth

Dearest Ladies,

It has come to my attention that a grand gathering concerning our favorite subjects is happening soon. The Steampunk Exhibition Ball will allow us to meet and mingle with the finest minds in Seattle. We have a chance to show off our latest fashions and see the new advances in personal clockworks. I am particularly interested in viewing the spectacular and outlandish headwear contest-and as you know, I have a new headpiece to put on display myself.

I’ve spoken with Theodosia, Alyssa, Johanna and Erma, who are all attending. The night is sure to be filled with excitement and wonder! I do hope that you will consider joining us.



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