The Final Countdown

Greetings dear colleagues!  My goodness – we’re mere weeks away from the final project deadline here at Mischief Central, at which point a year and a half of creative and collaborative effort will be handed off to the capable team at Cooperative Press.  From there, the final touches, tweaks, and meticulous details are hammered out and the whole shebang becomes A Book, available for your enjoyment in a few short months.  We can’t believe it’s nearly here, and we certainly wouldn’t be here without the whole team.  Speaking of, today I’d like to showcase the outstanding talents of our Team Illustrator and fellow Mischief Maker, Nicole Allin.  She recently shared a lovely snippet of the book artwork, as well as a behind-the-scenes view of her creative process.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy her amazing work as much as we all do, and are thrilled to count her among the multi-talented friends that make up Team Mischief.

And now, back to work!  Pattern testing, final costume sewing, photoshoots – it’s going to be a glorious sprint to the finish line!  See you all on the other side.

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