Hello.  This blog, “The Dignified Adventures of the Ladies Of Mischief”, is a means of documenting and publishing artifacts from a Victorian Era Ladies’ Group of to-be-determined purpose.  Details of the artifacts and their acquisition can be found in the first post.  Posts will include transcriptions of written materials, scans, photos, and artifact re-creations, along with my observations and theories on the group.  By the end of my initial year, I hope to have a thorough and well-documented understanding of the group, its members, connections between them, and successful re-creations of any hand-crafted items, with original ownership and origin determined where possible.  When sufficient material is gathered and documented, I plan to publish a larger compendium on The Ladies of Mischief, in a more thorough and detailed format than these modern blogs permit (details posted at a later date).

I will tag posts for ease of navigation, if one is looking for all posts regarding a favorite member or all pattern re-creations, etc.  There will also be a”Member Page” for each Lady of Mischief, with name, known whereabouts, photos, and any other personal information found thus far.

Please send any questions or suggestions to ladiesofmischief@gmail.com.  I hope you find this blog educational and enjoyable.


~The Archivist


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  1. Juli bredestege
    Oct 11, 2012 @ 07:41:07

    Hello, I just stumbled across this amazing book you have published on Ravelry, I am hoping maybe you can answer a question.
    On the June 9,2012 entry on the b
    Of, first of all, I have to knit this sweater, so flattering, but I was also hoping to find out where or who makes this amazing lace up skirt?.. I would love to own one, and was wondering if one of the people in this collection maybe makes them?
    I noticed some pics had the info for clothing next to them, but this one did not.
    I would be so grateful if you could point me in the right direction. And, now I need to go and order your book, or maybe it can be one of my upcoming bday gifts! Books are great gifts:)
    Thanks for your hard work!
    Juli B.
    juliblue on Rav.


  2. Erssie Knits
    Oct 13, 2012 @ 07:26:23

    My Dearest Ladies of Mischief,

    It has long been my secret desire to belong to a community such as yours, bringing the most exquisite elements of classic timeless 19th and early 20th centure and fusing it with my love of punked up projects. One has to admit, as the years advance my waistline is less than waspish, and corsetry would give one an attack of the vapours, but that has not meant ,nonetheless, that I cannot admire your ladies silhouettes with some envy I might add, from afar. (Could I have engineered a sentence with any more commas and clauses one wonders?)

    I have one or two patterns of my own, that ladies have made mischief with and added to their steampunk attire; namely, Ondine Sleeves for a Mermaid and Anne Marie Stockings. And living in an historical city, I have an endless stream of influence and inspiration. I am currently absorbed in the world of charting (no, not cartography) and am always at your service to come up with original stranded charts to put into a good knitting gauge.

    So, my dear, how does one gentlewoman become, or qualify as, a Lady of Mischief, especially if her birthright has not been that of a gentlewomen? You see, I had the good fortune to be married into punk, and all the benefits that are concurrent with such a lifestyle. Previously, one was locked up in a boarding school for young ladies, The Redmaids School for Girls (I do not tell a lie) where ones’s uniform had been designed around 1630 and had not the modernity even of your 19th century garments. Just look what I had to endure, really I am not joking this was my school!

    One had to wear a 17th C apron called a tippet, and the juniors wore a smock to protect their clothing. And one had to sing a Latin grace, before and after every 3 meals, with two part harmony…..

    May I congratulate you on your recent publication, The Needles of Artifice, and can you allow me a little speck of envy as it will be at least a year, before my bustle skirt, Victorian pinafore, engineer’s waistcoat, gentlewoman’s writing waiscoat and other such mischevious items actually become available to the public?

    At your service, and ever in your ‘flavour’ I hope (yes, that is not a typo, I did say flavour…or should it be ‘flava’? Goodness me, I have come over all modern and 20th Century!

    Your and ever,

    Lady Erssie Major
    Wife of Lord Savage


  3. Julie Wincott
    Mar 18, 2014 @ 10:31:16

    I had been sent to your book by my cousin who knows I love knitting and steampunk and she thought this would be brilliant for me! I immediately bought the book, fell in love with all the patterns and decided I wanted to try to do the spats in here. I hunted down the artist you got the yarn from on this and was disappointed to find out she’d been moth ravaged and over a year and a half later hasn’t reopened her shop.
    I have discovered that I have no talent when it comes to swaping yarns for such eventualities. Can you help?


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