Welcome to the Jungle

Good day, my colleagues.  I’ve been hard at work categorizing the artifacts in the lower portion of the trunk – some very exciting finds to show you in the near future!  I had to put this one up right away, since it’s an update from Miss Theodosia LaDuke, who we last left skipping town for the Amazon to shake off some financial disputes.  Well, it seems there was quite a turn of events…

My dear Ladies,

This letter is sent to you in greatest confidence. If my now husband, Mr. Beechworth, were to discover my location, I would be in grave danger. Just yesterday, I escaped from Cape Cod and am safely making way to the Amazon on my newly christened ship, the Coriolis. You may be asking, “What on earth happened at her father’s funeral to prompt Theodosia to marry such an intolerable man?” As you know, Mr. Beechworth was the sole heir to Father’s fortune. Try as I may, no lawyer in town could reverse that tradition, thus marriage was my only option. It will please you to know, however, that this union has finally subdued Mother. Upon receipt of our marriage certificate, I was able to secure a loan for the sum of my share of the inheritance, just as my ship was completed and ready to board. Now that all is right, I may continue my adventures south of the border. Fear not, I have told no one about my departure; tracking me and the remaining funds will be a difficult endeavor indeed.

We have set sail for the northern point of Brasilia, where the mighty Amazon meets the sea. From there, we will trek overland to the heart of this great unexplored wilderness. Who knows the varieties of flora and fauna I may discover! With luck I will make some wondrous finds for the Institute.

So it seems our clever Miss LaDuke was able to turn the situation to her advantage. For those of you not up on your Pride-and-Prejudice inheritance laws, as a daughter, Miss LaDuke would have been skipped over and the next male relative would have the rights to her father’s estate.  It appears the next “rightful heir” (don’t get me started) Mr. Beechworth was a distant cousin or some such.  Thus, Miss LaDuke was able to marry him and secure her family funds once again.  And then promptly use the money to run away from her horrible new husband and resume exploring!  The Ladies never fail to impress with their bravery and cunning in defying the standards of the time.  I will of course keep my eye out for more letters from Miss LaDuke’s Amazonian adventure and her finds for the Institute, whatever that may be.  Until next time!


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