Polar Express

Season’s greetings, my dear colleagues.  As the winter weather keeps creeps in, I have for you a fittingly chilly telegram from the North!  And an intriguing new addition to the Ladies ranks, as you can read below.

A Telegram

To the worthy Ladies of Mischief.  STOP.

An update from Miss Caldonia Kitty Dexterhaven as dictated to her secretary, Mr. Ashby Delmar.  STOP.

Have finally departed Chicago after spending two weeks debating the merits of various improvements for the new Dexterhaven locomotives.  STOP.  Some of the newer engineers seemed to think that my role should be limited to choosing cushion fabrics.  STOP.  Their misperceptions have been corrected.  STOP.

Having discharged my duty to industry am now en route to the Great White North in my private rail car.  STOP.  Plan to provision in Calgary, and then continue to Edmonton to meet dirigible transport.  STOP.  Will camp on the north side of Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories a heretofore unexplored ecosystem.  STOP.  Expect many botanical specimens and photographs.  STOP.  Am particularly enticed by the prospect of sighting the elusive Willow Ptarmigan (lagopus lagopus) or the Bohemian Waxwing (Bombycilla garrulous).  STOP.  Will likely need more space for my collection upon return.  STOP.  Father will be displeased to cede another wing of the house.  STOP.  No doubt science will prevail.  STOP.

In Mischief.  STOP.

CK Dexterhaven.  STOP.

Ecological exploration by train in the uncharted north – what an adventure that must have been!  What I would give for my own private rail car in which to conduct my studies like Miss Dexterhaven.  Not to mention a wing of a house to put it all in.  And I wonder if her dirigible transport happens to be any of the Ladies we’ve met so far…  Questions, questions!   Ah, but even such noble pursuits as unraveling the mysteries of the Ladies of Mischief must take a back seat to… holiday shopping (the horror!)  Fear not – I will have a chance to post again soon enough; as Miss Dexterhaven says, science will prevail!

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