Having a Ball

Hello, my dear colleagues!  As you know, we are in the final few months of preparation on the Ladies of Mischief book, and life is certainly busy!  However, I knew I must take a moment to share with you a few pictures from the Ladies’ surprise appearance at the lastest Steampunk Exhibition Ball.  According to a recent communication, they had a most lovely time; the sights, fashions, technology and dazzling pageantry were greatly enjoyed by all…

Coraline studied the latest maps and trade routes, ever the savvy Airship Captain

Theodosia was all the rage in her highly functional and fashionable Jungle Exploration ensemble

Dr. Erma enthusiastically observed all the latest innovations, with her usual eccentric flair

I hope to have more delightful photos, teasers and other treats to share with you soon!  Though now, it’s back to work once more.  Who ever said the life of an Archivist was dull?


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