The Scent of a Lady, pt 2

Greetings, colleagues!  As promised, today I give you Part 2 of the tale of Miss Alyssa Rynne’s osmanthus perfume.  As you recall last week, we read all about her collaboration with Miss LaDuke to cultivate the osmathus flowers and extract the oils.  I also hinted about a little collaboration of my own, so here’s the story!

Along with Miss LaDuke’s letter, I found a gorgeous bottle (more on that next week!) containing the merest few drops of Miss Alyssa’s perfume.  Colleagues, you cannot imaging the glorious scent that issued forth from that well-sealed bottle, preserved these many years.  Now, just as I have been re-creating the amazing knitted items from the Ladies, I knew I must re-create that fragrance!  I immediately got in touch with my good friend, perfumer Sweet Anthem, to see what she could deduce about the scent, and here’s what she found…

Alyssa’s Perfume Recipe:

Head Notes:
• Bergamot
• Cardamom c02 extract
• White Grapefruit
• Ylang Ylang

Heart Notes:
• Petitgrain Sur Fleur Osmanthus*
• Osmanthus Fruit**
• Jamsine Sambac

Base Notes:
• African Sandalwood
• Violet Leaf Absolute
• Clove Bud Absolute
• Immortelle

Notes from the Perfumer:

“This is fundamentally a classic unisex chypre, which is a blend of woods and citrus.”

As you can see, the osmanthus is strongly featured, and makes for a truly outstanding fragrance: woods and citrus, right on the nose (pun intended).  Just thinking about all those lovely scents evokes such a strong image of who our Lady Alyssa must have been.  Perhaps you might be able to experience it for yourself in the near future (hint hint – I’m so full of them these days!)  And, as mentioned earlier, stay tuned for Part 3 coming next week!

Smell ya later (sorry),

~The Archivist


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