Tea Time With The Ladies

Hello my colleagues!  I just wanted to pop on quickly and let you know about a special event this weekend.

The Ladies will be hosting an event this Saturday the 15th at Ada’s Technical Books, where we’re thrilled to be the December Authors of the Month.  Please join us from 4-6pm for tea, show-and-tell, reading from the book, and many other delights.  We hope to see you there!  And thanks again to the lovely Ada’s for hosting us and celebrating our publication.


Tea Time

A lovely day to you, my colleagues.  Today we have a second letter from Miss Coraline Hackworth, airship adventuress (and originator of the charming scented kerchief).  When last we left her, she had just made it across the Atlantic to resupply in New York.  Let’s see what she finds there…

13th of June, 1885
Dearest Ladies of Mischief,
I write to you now from my hotel room in New York, where I am taking a moment to rest after an afternoon of exploration. I was thrilled to receive your mailing with the latest updates from around the world. The new express mail airship is the fastest one in the fleet! I have yet to open the package but I know the adventures of my dear ladies will keep me thoroughly entertained on the long flight West.
But first, New York! The residents of this crowded city are a fascinating mix of cultures. They are arrestingly forward in their speech, and shockingly unfamiliar with manners, but they have a pleasing openness about them. I find some of their speech puzzling- either no one takes offense at the comments of others, or they are always taking offense in the most jovial way. It makes a stroll around the city both loud and entertaining!
I have even found a hotel with an astoundingly good tea service. It seems that appreciation for a fine cup of tea is not lost in America, as previously thought, but instead maintained by a select few. When I inquired about a pot of my favorite Darjeeling, the manager provided me with the very last of their reserve, while also regaling me with a sorrowful tale of his inability to locate another source for fine Indian tea. I’m sure you ladies understand that I found his tale both moving and very exciting. An entire city deprived of fine tea! And my new cross-Atlantic airship line just starting up! It was serendipitous, to say the least! In no time I had written up a contract to provide the hotel with fine teas and other luxury goods, delivered by my fine airship fleet. It always gives me a thrill of satisfaction to arrange a mutually beneficial business agreement over a pot of fine tea.
I have personally inspected my dear Lilith Ascending, and she is ready to embark. Tomorrow we head West, to meet and discuss current technologies with some of the greatest minds of our time. The very thought is quite exciting! I shall write again when I have arrived, though I know any further letters will probably be delivered by my own hand on my return to London.

Miss Coraline Hackworth

I love a good pot of tea myself, so it seems I have Miss Hackworth to thank for opening up trade avenues in years past.  I dearly hope to find some documentation on the technology meeting she’s headed to in Seattle.  I believe that will be my quest for the afternoon… once I brew up a fresh pot of Darjeeling, of course.

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