Run for the Border

Hello again, dear colleagues.  I hope you all had a festive Thanksgiving!  I enjoyed my turkey trunk-side and had a very productive time of it, until I managed to fall asleep in a pile of letters.  Fortunately, I’d already set aside a particularly interesting one from a new Lady of Mischief, which I’ve just completed transcribing below.

My Darling Ladies,

I hope this latest dispatch finds you well. How I miss my misty San Francisco; life here in Boston is just as stifling as ever and I simply long to return home. Mother has taken to telling me that in my situation I must refrain from my foolish endeavors, put aside my dreams of world travel and exploration, and focus on finding a husband. What rot! I must confess to you, dear friends, that giving it all up and remaining here is more than I can bear. As soon as my father’s estate has been put in order I shall sail for South America and begin my studies of the aboriginal populations.

By unfortunate coincidence, I managed to run into Mr. Beechworth today; oh, that man is as much a bother as ever. He still maintains that I owe him for the rights on my mine in the Sierra, even though I have repeatedly explained to him about the overseas account and the trustee who is maintaining the funds. Yet Beechworth still insists I pay him or risk the consequences. Well I’d like to see him follow me to the Amazon.

Helen is ringing me for tea, so I must be off. Fear not, I will write again upon arrival in the jungle. Best wishes and good health my dear ladies.

Sincerely yours,

Theodosia LaDuke

The Amazon!  Is there anywhere on earth these gallivanting women didn’t go? And sailing this time, too.  Oh, what I would give for some information on her ship!  It also makes me wonder where their base of operations might have been located, as we seem to have representation from both sides of the pond.  Hmmm.  Hopefully all will be revealed once my cataloguing is complete.  Back to it!

Oh, and as promissed I’ve updated the Lace Gear post with a direct link to purchase the pattern (located at the bottom of the post).


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